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Tee Fashion Trends of 2017 Spring/Summer - Los Angeles Street Fashion

Trending Fashion Tee Trends in LA.

As we head into Summer 2017, you may be wondering what is hot (and what is not!) in terms of the latest spring/summer apparel.

When it comes to t-shirts, if you walk the streets of Los Angeles you will notice that men and women both seem to be feeling incredibly nostalgic for the 90s rock scene and are expressing this in the tees that they wear!

An example of this is a black t-shirt with a graphic and colorful rock, hip-hop or punk band motif. These tees can be combined with jeans, denim shorts (or skirts), midi skirts and even casual shorts and amazing grunge-type look. Wear them with your favorite sneakers or flip flops or any other item you like to create your own unique style! Remember that there is no hard or fast way to wear these nineties-inspired t-shirts: it is all up to you how you want to personalize your look!

The good news is that due to the versatile color and look of these cool t-shirts, you can adapt them and wear them with so many other items in your wardrobe. In addition, they can effortlessly and very easily take you from summer into fall because when the cooler weather comes around you can simply throw on a denim, bomber or leather jacket and you then have a wonderfully, stylish punk rock look!

Fashion experts predict that this highly popular Los Angeles street style trend will see us through for several months still. This means that it is well worth your while investing in one or several of these 90s type fashion t-shirts to complete your 2017 spring/summer wardrobe!


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